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The stress of success

I’m successful at my job so why am I so stressed?

As the cultural hub of North America, New York has no shortage of people who have achieved the goals that they have set out to reach. However, being successful can bring with it its own set of problems.

Being stressed from your success may seem odd but there are many people seeking help for this problem. Here are a few examples of the types for stress being faced by prosperous people:

  1. To be successful you often have to work very hard and sometimes that means focusing on your career and letting other aspects fall by the wayside for a time. Perhaps you are now in the position you have always wanted to be in at your law firm but things outside of work are not as good as they should be. For instance, materially you have everything you want but you just can’t seem to hold down any long-lasting intimate relationships.
  2. Having “made it” you now don’t know what to strive for. That goal has been the main driving force in your life for years but now the world seems to lack structure and a clear path.
  3. You have achieved the position in your company that you have worked relentlessly to obtain and now you are constantly distracted with keeping the position, even to the detriment of your work. You think that everyone is out to get you and this has had a severely negative effect on your mental wellbeing and your work environment.

Dr. Schachter can help you achieve success without stress

I have come across many patients who mirror the 3 situations mentioned above. People in these circumstances confront a variety of psychological concerns including: anxiety, depression, stress, burn-out, motivational problems and panic disorders.

Remember that being stressed about your success does not make you a failure; it only means that you are human. No one is born with strong abilities in every field but you can learn what you need to live a life of balanced wellbeing.

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