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Intensive treatment

Intensive treatment is suitable for a wide variety of patients including patients that want quick and profound change, as well as patients that have unsuccessfully tried long-term therapy that has been resistant to change.

Intensive therapy provides more frequent concentrated doses of therapy by combining multiple sessions into one longer session. It is the optimal use of therapeutic time.

Clients outside of the New York area fly or drive in and stay at a local hotel to work intensely on a problem and bring about rapid and profound change. We meet 3-4 hours a day daily for the course of 1 week or 2 full week-end days for 1 or 2 weeks. You are given practice and homework to do between sessions. The results can be stunning.

If you are not local to the New York area, there are lovely accommodations in the immediate area.

The reason Cognitive Therapy is so effective is that you are taught a set of skills to identify and change the unrealistic thoughts that make you depressed or anxious. Learning those skills takes time, By using the Intensive model, you learn the skills more quickly and more deeply.

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