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An 8 hour Intensive Treatment for Anxiety

Using the TEAM Cognitive Therapy model developed by DR. David Burns,you will learn to how change the patterns of thinking that make you anxious.

When anxiety works correctly, it is the emotion that signals a problem or warns of danger. The discomfort of it actually pushes you to escape the danger or do something about the problem. When anxiety does not work as it should, you feel that discomfort when no external danger or problem exists. You essentially write the script. The patterns that form once you do this become habits which occur out of your conscious awareness.

The Anxiety Intensive is a full day, 8 hour program designed to change the patterns that cause anxiety. It incorporates the principles and methods of TEAM CBT, developed by Dr. David Burns.

CBT is based on the theory that the way you feel is determined by how you see a situation. If you are anxious, you don’t see situations realistically because of the symptoms. CBT treatment is essentially teaching a skill set. The skills are to identify the thoughts creating the feeling, then learning a structured tool that identifies the thoughts that are not realistic. When they are not realistic, there is another tool to replace those thoughts with more realistic ones. The result is that the emotion is more closely linked to the reality. When anxiety is not caused by a real danger or real problem, it disappears.

The approach developed by Dr. Burns is a high intensity form of CBT that allows for rapid change. The Anxiety Intensive occurs in a large group format. It begins by identifying and reducing the resistance that often interferes with getting better. The next step is learning to identify the patterns of thinking that create the anxiety. Then, a series of methods are combined and used to defeat and vanquish those thoughts.

The result is having an expanded set of skills to handle anxiety when it arises.

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