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Reversing the effects of stress consists of four elements. We believe that simply relaxing or doing yoga is not enough to change the harmful effects of stress on your mind and body. We show you an effective system to change the way you respond to stress.


Skill 1: Identify stress when it is actually occurring. We often take stress for granted and don’t even realize when we are going through it.

Skill 2: See if you can change the stressful situation. Accepting a circumstance is a common occurrence. We use a problem solving protocol we teach you to change the situation that is stressful. Often a solution is discovered that was not previously considered.

Skill 3: Change the thinking that creates stress that is not responsive to an external situation. Often stress occurs because you look at an event as dangerous or difficult when is not. Cognitive Therapy is a system of teaching you how to identify the thoughts that underlie the stress, and then determining if they are totally realistic. When they are not, you learn to replace the stressful thought with a more realistic one.

Skill 4: Use a range of relaxation skills to reverse the body’s stress reaction. We teach you a number of ways to relax your body’s reaction to stress.

After a detailed stress analysis that creates a specific stress profile for you, a program is customized to teach you how to change the way you handle stress. With coaching individually or in small groups, you will learn each of the Four Skills.

For teaching Relaxation Skills, we use both traditional methods of relaxation which include Progressive Relaxation, Autogenic Training, and Diaphragmatic Breathing. We also have a newer high tech method utilizing equipment that produces the most relaxed state possible. With multiple sessions, one gains the ability to relax at will.

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