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Social anxiety is an overarching term for a number of disorders. Most commonly it is associated with the fear of speaking with others but this is only a fraction of the concerns people with social anxiety face.

As a testament to how sophisticated the human mind is, many people with social anxiety disorders are not even aware they have an issue. This is because many people simply avoid situations which could trigger feelings of anxiety. For instance, a person may be a successful writer who always writes from home because that is where they are most comfortable. However, underlying this rationalization is the fact that the person contends with severe feelings of anxiety whenever they attempt to write in public.

There are many types of social anxiety which people may be unaware they have due to avoidance:

  • Fear of public speaking
  • Fear of interacting with strangers
  • Fear of speaking on the telephone
  • Fear of eating or drinking in public
  • Fear of starting and/or ending a conversation
  • Fear of answering messages (email, texts, letters)
  • Fear of using public bathrooms
  • Fear of people in positions of authority
  • Fear of not being able to add to humorous conversations

Dr. Schachter will help you overcome your social anxiety

Dr. Robert Schachter has more than 30 years of experience helping the people of NYCgain the skills they need to overcome their social disorders.

Dr. Schachter utilizes Cognitive Therapy in his treatments. This form of therapy produces results in a relatively short time by defining the thought patters which lead to social anxiety and works on undercutting them before they develop into a negative emotional state. This type of therapy rarely involves delving into a person’s distant past because it is the current thought patterns which need to be overcome.

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