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    Panic disorder occurs when an individual has had recurring panic attacks which came about unexpectedly and the individual worries about when the next panic attack will come. A panic attack often make a person feel as if their heart will jump out of their chest and that they will suffocate because they feel that they cannot breathe. However, even though panic attacks are uncomfortable they are not actually dangerous. The real problem is that to the sufferer, panic attacks make them feel as if they are in actual danger.
    Some of the common symptoms of panic attacks are:

    • heart palpitations
    • perspiring
    • sensation of choking
    • vertigo or dizziness
    • numbness in hands/feet
    • nausea
    • constricted breathing
    • chills
    • shaking or quivering
    • feelings of loosing control
    • the mistake belief that you are dying


    Individuals with panic disorder often progress into agoraphobic behavior. Agoraphobia, in relation to panic disorder, is when a person does not leave their home because they are afraid of having a panic attack in an area which they would not feel safe in. There is often a fear of being trapped (in a car, train, bus, elevator, etc.) and, in some cases, being in these situations can induce panic attacks.

    Find help in NYC for panic disorder
    Dr. Robert Schachter has helped many people in NYC cope with this debilitating disorder. First the patient will need to be trained in a variety of relaxation techniques to destabilize panic attacks before they start. Relaxation training in only one of the tools Dr. Schachter imparts to his patients so that they effectively combat their disorder. An individual will also be taught how to stay in control and realize that a panic attack is a feeling rather than an actual danger. This is combined with a gradual exposure to the triggers of panic attacks. This is done by slowly engaging the patient in situations which produces anxious feeling. This is a gradual process where the patient is moved forward at an easy but steady pace.
    Call Dr. Robert Schachter has a very high success rating and is here to help you take back your life from the panic and stress which inhibits your wellbeing.

    “Dr. Schachter taught me ways to identify the thoughts that underlaid my anxieties and how to see if they were realistic. He taught me how to change them and bring the anxiety under control.” (from Citysearch)