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    Licensed New York Psychologist | Depression Help in NYC

    Need Help Coping with Depression?

    People who suffer with depression often feel desperate and alone. Depression can be a natural response to a difficult or frustrating situation or it can be caused a chemical imbalance. Whatever the cause, depression can cause hopelessness, fatigue, poor concentration, insomnia and more. But there is Good News!

    Depression is Treatable!

    • Learn how to identify depression triggers
    • Attain skills that can help you understand your feelings
    • Substantially reduce the amount of time that you feel bad
    • Experience fewer anxiety and panic attacks

    Dr. Robert Schachter’s simple techniques can help you learn to identify the thoughts that trigger depression and learn to enjoy life again.

    “I am very happy I found Dr. Schachter. I was always shy. He had an uncanny knack of seeing the whole picture. He understood how I thought. He was active and taught me actual skills that I could use to handle things differently. He was extremely helpful.”
    Marie C. (from Citysearch)