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Cognitive Psychology Treatment for Depression in NYC

To feel depressed at times is perfectly normal. It is a natural coping mechanism used to overcome emotional hardships which we have little to no control over. For instance, after the death of a loved one it takes some time to accept that you will now have to live in a world without them. The sadness and depression you feel shows that that person was important to you and you need time before you can ‘brush yourself off and pick yourself up’, as it were.

However, depression should not be the continuous state you live in. Long term depression is a serious psychological issue because it negatively affects the individual in almost all aspects of their life. In the worst case scenario, untreated depression may lead to suicide.

To prevent this tragic outcome it is important to look for the signs of depression in yourself or others. Here are some of the key traits experienced by individuals with depression:

  • Sporadic crying or tearfulness
  • Taking little enjoyment from pleasurable activities
  • Significant appetite gain or loss
  • Significant weight gain or loss
  • Excessive sleep or insomnia
  • Lacking feelings of self-worth
  • Low energy
  • Trouble focusing
  • Low self-esteem
Cognitive Psychology Treatment for Depression in NYC

Dr. Schachter specializes in cognitive psychology, a form of treatment which concentrates on the thought patterns of the individual. Depression is develops primarily from cyclical patterns of thinking which continuously lead an individual to negative or painful thoughts. Cognitive treatment helps an individual to change their patterns of thought which will in turn change their emotional states.

There are more than 400 studies on the effectiveness of Cognitive Therapy in dealing with negative mental conditions. Dr. Schachter has helped individuals in NYC just like you acquire the necessary tools to overcome depression and stay above it.