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The Corona Pandemic is unlike anything that has been experienced in this lifetime. Businesses are going through unprecedented contraction. The resulting anxiety and stress for employees is unavoidable. This period will ultimately end and business with continue. Having a stable and motivated workforce is essential to success going forward.

Our EMPLOYEE EMOTIONAL SUPPORT PROGRAM is designed to give your teams and support staff the emotional tools they need to get through this time with as little stress as possible. Offering this program to staff shows both the company’s concern for their well-being, and also gives them practical skills to perform better during these times.

Using a blend of Cognitive Therapy methods, Mindfulness techniques, and Relaxation exercises, the program teaches skills to minimize anxiety. Anytime there is uncertainty, it is normal to be anxious. The way one relates to that anxiety makes the difference of whether or not it will cause stress.

Stress causes problems when it does not remit. It affects the immune function. It affects motivation. It creates symptoms of burnout, including increased irritability, poor concentration and even increased alcohol or drug use. There are physiological correlates to stress.

Treatment of stress has three points of contact. When a person is under pressure, the stress is caused by the way that person views the situation. The first way to change the stress level is to use Cognitive Therapy techniques to change how the that situation is interpreted. The second way is to interrupt the physical response to the stress. This is accomplished through Mindfulness techniques and physical Relaxation exercises to reverse the body’s response.


BASIC- Using a large group format via Zoom conference or webinar to teach basic techniques of brief Cognitive Therapy, Mindfulness and Relaxation

3 30 minute programs in a 1 week timeframe or

3 60 minute programs over 3 weeks


All aspects of the Basic Program plus morning email to all participants with uplifting, encouraging messages plus personalized 5 minute breaks during the day for employees with guided Mindfulness/Relaxation exercise.


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